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                                                             Baxter's 75 year History

Baxter's was original started by Clifford and Lorraine Baxter in 1945.  Clifford was laid off from his job at the Oil company and had to find work. So they decided to start their own business. They started off in their basement packaging items to sell.  Clifford would go and sell there products to other businesses in town. There business began growing.  They were always looking for new and different products to sell.  This is when they started getting into the party business.  In 1992 the business was passed to their two children Robert "Bob" Baxter and Janet Baxter-Hansen. They ran a very successful business for many many years. So we had to move to the next chapter in the Baxter's family business.  In May of 2020 Baxter's would be celebrating our 75 years in business.  So with many changes going they decided to close there retail brick and mortar store and move strictly online. Janet and Bob made the decision to pass the business along to Bob's daughter, Ann Baxter-Fergurson and her husband Brandon Fergurson. They will be running the online business. This is just one more chapter in this unique Alton, IL family business.  Thanks for everyone's support.

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